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At National Beauty College, our mission is to train and develop students into professionals in the cosmetology arts and sciences field, while providing preparation for licensure, certification, and employment.

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Permanent Makeup Program

Course Description:Permanent makeup program consists of 132 clock hours of theory and practical skill development for certification.Full-time students should be able to complete the program within 5.5 weeks.Permanent makeup services is the process of beautifying the face by inserting or implanting facial cosmetic pigment under the surface of the human skin in which any color or pigment is applied with a needle, to produce a permanent or semi-permanent mark visible through the skin on the client's face including, but not limited to the application of eyeliner, eye shadow, lip color, cheek color, and facial scars.The client's face is defined as the area above the jaw line and anterior to the ear and frontal hairline.

Method of Instruction:The school uses a variety of instructional methods to teach classes including the use of audio and visual equipment, lectures, hands-on demonstrations and guest speakers.

Course Objective & Goals:Upon completion of the course requirements, graduates will be able to:

Understand all sanitation, sterilization and safety precautions expected of cosmetologist or estheticians.

Confidently perform professional permanent makeup services.

Be familiarized with laws, rules and regulations required by the state.

Attain skills in business management, ethics, interpersonal skills and salesmanship.

Texts: Milady Standard Esthetics, ISBN:9781111306892 or 1111306893

Required Equipment & Supplies:See Permanent Makeup Program Kit List

Grading Procedure:Academic progress will be measured by theory work (test grades, homework, etc.) and practical work.Theory and practical work will be graded according to the following scale:

90% - 100% AExcellent

80% - 89%BAbove average

70% - 79%CSatisfactory

69% or belowDUnsatisfactory

Students must maintain at least a 70% grade average in order to be considered making satisfactory progress.

Course Subjects:

Disinfection, Sanitation & Safe

Work Practices (12 clock hours) - (3 hrs Theory & 9 hrs Lab)Day 1-2

Bacteria and other infectious agents, the treatment room, salon environment, principles and practice in

infection control, sanitation, disinfection, sterilization, and safe work practices, standards and regulations.

Skin Analysis (8 clock hours) - (2 hrs Theory & 6 hrs Lab)Day 3

Equipment and Supplies (8 clock hours) – (2 hrs Theory & 6 hrs Lab)Day 4

Color Theory and Effects (32 clock hours) – (8 hrs Theory & 24 hrs Lab)Day 5-9

Client Consultation (8 clock hours) – (2 hrs Theory & 6 hrs Lab)Day 10

Application of Pigment (64 clock hours) – (16 hrs Theory & 48 hrs Lab)Day 11-19

Total Theory & Practical Clock Hours:132 

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